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Cloud video surveillance for multi-location businesses

Easily connect unlimited number of your existing cameras

Protect your property, customers

and employees

Retail & Shopping Malls

Bring your cameras online even in closed networks

Hotels & Hospitality

Ideal solution for large business chains with hundreds of cameras

Construction & Real Estate

Easily create time-lapse videos and monitor your progress

Live Monitoring

Connect any number of cameras, regardless of location.

Have your recordings stored safely to the Cloud and download video clips.

Cloud Recording

Promote your business by embedding video to your website.

Public Broadcasting

Get a custom quote

A security solution tailored to your needs

Easily create time-lapse videos from your recorded footage.


Easily connect your existing cameras to the Cloud.

Our proprietary hardware device (Angelbox) automatically brings your existing cameras online.

  • Secure connection & fully encrypted streams
  • Automatic online updates
  • Plug and play: No network configuration needed

Connect all of your existing cameras or DVR’s

90% of camera, DVR/NVR and sensor brands are supported

Personal care and assistance available worldwide

We’ll help you all the way from choosing a camera to connection.

Ready to meet the needs of big business chains

Multiple locations? Old cameras? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

+1 650 729 8401

+44 330 808 4436