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Cloud-based Video Solution for Cannabis Businesses

Fulfills OLCC compliance for off-site video backup

Comply with OLLC regulations

Our service supports or exceeds recording quality requirements 

Industry's most reliable:

Live support + 99.9% uptime

Our US-based support staff will help you with camera configuration

Connect all of your existing cameras or DVR’s

90% of camera, DVR/NVR and sensor brands are supported

30 days

footage retention

$13.99 / month


Plug & play network connector


60 days

footage retention

$18.99 / month

Note: Buying Angelbox is not necessary for camera connection. You can configure your network manually and connect through RTSP/HTTP for free.

90 days

footage retention

$24.99 / month

Plug & play solution: easily connect your existing cameras

Our prioprietary hardware device (Angelbox, $89) automatically brings your cameras online

  • Secure connection & fully encrypted streams
  • Automatic online updates
  • 90% of camera brands supported

Note: HTTP/RTSP stream type and H264 encoding is required

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and a free hour of support

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How Angelcam supports OLCC compliance

Surveillance Equipment Room

General off-site storage and remote access

845-025-1450 - 2(l) Back up the video surveillance recordings off-site and in real time for the surveillance room or surveillance area 

Angelcam's cloud-based system runs on Amazon Web Services. 

845-025-1450 - 2(e) Keep off-site backup recordings described in (2)(l) of this rule for a minimum of 30 days; 

Cloud subscriptions tailored to your needs.

Angelcam's cloud based video management portal allows you to create, share and download clips that can be sent to authorities.

845-025-1460- (2) Off-site storage must be secure and the recordings must be kept in a format approved by the Commission that can be easily accessed for viewing and easily reproduced. 

845-025-1450 (1) A licensee must have cameras that continuously record, 24 hours a day.

Angelcam's security platform supports 24/7 recording.

"Our inspector was coming by in 48 hours, and I needed a solution fast! Thanks to Angelcam I was able to be compliant and avoid having my business shut down."

Angelcam saves security costs

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