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Why users ❤️ Angelcam

“Angelcam is great! Their Cloud Recording service makes me feel safe, because even if my whole warehouse burns down at least I’ll have evidence in the cloud!”

Jonathan Yoc Kim

“You provide a lot of services at a very reasonable price and make it possible for a ‘nobody’ like me to share a video stream that many people enjoy. Thank you.”

Spy Glass Hill

“Easy to setup and the perfect solution for recording and streaming IP Cam video.”

James Johnston

“Angelcam provides an easy-to-use solution, eliminating the complexity of installing/viewing IP cameras and the stress that comes with it for end-users and tech support. Truly impressive!”


“The quality and stability of Angelcam’s services are excellent and their support team is always available to help. Our video streams even made it on EarthCam’s Top 10 list!"


“The simplicity of using the system and adding cameras and features is remarkable!!!”

Ricky Hari

When I was looking for a way to connect my existing camera to the Internet and start recording to the cloud, I realized that by not being a professional in the tech business, it would take me hours and hours to set up my network. When I was searching for help, I came across Angelcam and the price was right, along with the ease of use, where I just plugged everything in. When I received my AngelBox, it was as easy as advertised. I simply plugged it in and within 10 minutes I was up and running.

Aaron Goldberg

Everything was easy to set up as the user-friendly interface guided me along. Before I purchased the device (an AngelBox), I was provided with all the answers to my questions, giving me confidence in Angelcam’s products and services. The big plus was that the cloud recording option was offered for free for up to 3 days, which was a good way to test out the feature and then, at a later stage, upgrade as needed. Also, knowing that all my data is kept in the Amazon Cloud was an additional confidence boost.

John Todorovic

It was the most affordable solution for staying in compliance with the industry's strict regulations. It worked with our existing cameras and NVR, was easy to setup, and their customer service has been excellent and exceeded our expectations after shopping around with multiple other services.

Conor Adams

+1 650 729 8401